This publication appeared on the occasion of the exhibition of
the hand graphics at the Art Association Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria,
Germany, in May 2014.
Transcription and print layout were made by Angelika Kreilinger.
Proofreading was done by Florian Duy and Elisabeth Streit.
General layout created by Sabina Karasegh.
Offset printing by Druckerei Schmidbauer GmbH, Oberwart.
The 200 copies were completed by the bindery Buchbinderei Papyrus,
Vienna, Austria.
24,- €/ Limited Edition: 200




  Art work inspired by the works of Kasimir Malewitsch

Malewitsch - russian avangardist of the first quarter of the 20th century - born on the 23rd of February 1879 in Kiev died on the 15th of May in Leningrad.

Malwitsch said about his beloved farmers: "The most important criteria that showed the difference between workers and farmer for me: the drawing. The workers don’t produce any drawings, to decorate their houses neither did they care about art. The farmers entailed all of that... In the country there was much interest for art ( at the time a word unknown to me). It is probably more fitting to say objects were produced that I found particularly beautiful. Those objects bore the secret of my sympathy for my fellow country folks. With deep emotion do I observe the farmers while they create their ornaments and helped them to to paint the wood floors in their huts (khata) with alumina and create ornate borders around their fireplaces. They painted pretty whimsical roosters,little horses and flowers.Colors are being made on site out of different forms of clay and dutch azur blue."